You know me…

You know me Yahweh.
You know everything.
You made everything and you are in everything so you know everything.
You know everything about me.
You created me in your image.
Before I was formed you knew me.
Knowing me you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
You ordained the days of my life.
You knew the things I would go through.
You know the things I will go through.
You know the things I am going through.
You know everything and you still love me.
That blows me away.

The lectionary Scripture readings for this second week of Epiphany (1 Samuel 3:1-10, Psalm 139:1-6 & 13-18, and John 1:43-51) all point to the simple fact of the matter. God knows. In many ways this is a daunting thing to read first in the day. He knows the thoughts in my head and heart as I drift off to sleep. He knows the dreams that my dark little mind can formulate. He knows that actually, this morning my first thought was not of him. He knows the strayed thoughts I will have today. He knows the temptations I will consider giving into. He knows that some of them might even get the better of my strength of mind, heart and devotion. Yes, it can be a daunting thing to consider that God knows everything.

But it can also be a somewhat comforting thing. Because he also knows the good things that live and breathe in this body and mind that he has sewn together. He knows the extent of love that he has poured into this heart which does actually overflow into the lives of others. He does know the compassion that exists and the deep, deep desire to serve that is also there. He knows the good and right places that my thoughts will go to today. Above all this though, the central reason for beginning to consider that it is a comforting thing that God knows me is this: God knows me inside out and yet still loves. In the midst of the failings and the successes; the struggles and the victories, the battles and the breezes, God knows and loves. It is his love which picks us up when we fall – even in the knowledge that we might fall again very soon after we have been picked up. It is his love which carries us in each and every situation that we must move through. He knows and he loves completely.

Today, I might stumble and fall at some of life’s hurdles, or I might leap over them in the very strength and power of God’s love. Whatever happens, this I know beyond doubt: that there is now no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus and that nothing at all on this earth – visible or invisible – can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.

In the words of Saint Patrick, today I bind myself unto that love. The love that knows everything and still loves regardless.

God, may the love you lavish on me today in and through your Son, Jesus Christ, overflow and be a blessing unto those around me. Thank you for knowing me and still loving me. Amen.

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