Marcy Preaching Fellowship 2014

I write this from my hotel room in Atlanta.  I flew up here to day to attend the Marcy Preaching Fellowship.  MPF is a week long preaching school for ordained clergy from the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church.  It is open to 6 pastors each year and a scholarship is made available for all participants.  I had initially applied for this course back in march and was turned down.  It would appear that they kept me as reserve though and a place opened up for me, quite unexpectedly.

So here I am.

I preached this morning, presided at Holy Communion and now here I am, ready to start this thing in the morning.  I will likely get to reflect a little more as the week progresses.  But right now I am happy with the group that has arrived to complete this journey with me. I am nervous to because we have each been asked to upload a sermon on to DVD for presentation to the group tomorrow.  I have watched mine a couple of times and it is not to bad – for me.  I can hear myself and my accent and I can recognize my little preaching idiosyncrasies.  I am sure they will be pointed out to me as the week goes on!

Right now though, it is time for a night’s rest and to get up and get going in the morning.

I am interested to see what the week holds and I pray that it is a formative time for us all who have made the journey to get here.

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