#Paris: There is more…

The 24hr news cycle is a wonderful thing – we are more informed than ever before.  But it can also be deceptive. It can lead individuals to a place of despair in that they see bad news cycle after bad news cycle and conclude that the world is rotten.

No doubt, the world can be rotten.  But we do well to remember that there is more…

There is more freedom than there is fear.

There is more wisdom that stupidity.

There are more peaceful people than there are perpetrators of pandemonium.

There is more love than there is hate.

There is more giving than taking. 

There is more good action than there is bad action.

There is more good news than there is bad.

The sum total of the good and great little acts of kindness, love and mercy in the world are far more than the sum total of the atrocious and horrendous acts of violence and hatred that we seem to be witness to more often.

The ripples of those kind, loving and merciful acts are more, and they travel wider and longer and deeper than the ripples of the atrocious and horrendous acts of violence.

There is more untold kindness and generosity of spirit than there is unkindness and selfish ambition.

There is more humility than there is arrogance.

There is more good than bad.

We just don’t hear that very often.

Please do not read this as the words of one who is naive and blind to what is really happening in the world.  The truth be stated – what we witness on news cycles is horrific, and I do not want to underplay the pain, loss and wider ramifications of violent acts such as what has been played out in Paris in recent days.  However, I do very much want to hold on to the notion that in humanity there is more goodness than evil and there is more love than there is hatred.

I guess I just needed somewhere to say that.

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