New Year 2018 – Four for Forty

As I begin to type this, it is Saturday night, 30th December 2017. In just a couple of hours, in my timezone, we will be well and truly into the last day of the year – New Years Eve. Traditionally, this is a time of revelry and praying as we let go of the year gone by and embrace the year ahead. Looking into a new year is always a time of hope for changes and new things in our lives: “Maybe this year will be my/our year…”

This new year is a particularly significant one for me because I was born in 1978. Yep. as we enter 2018, I am on the extremely fast slide to my 40th birthday (July). To be honest, I am not really that bothered about turning 40 – it is not worrying me in any way, and neither is it exciting me in any way that much either. but i do feel a sense of occasion about it as I look a few months ahead to the actual birthday. Last year, my very best friend took the calendar year of his 40th birthday to enter a year of celebrations and challenges. Inspired by him (as I frequently am) I have come up with my own challenges for the year – “Four Challenges for the Year I Turn Forty,” if you will. The challenges are by no means small. They will stretch me to my very limits if I am to complete them. I have never been the most disciplined person at all, but I feel a sense of wanting to achieve all of the following. Here they are:

1. Memorize the Gospel of Mark.

Mark has 16 chapters containing 661 verses in the New International Version of the Bible. I was introduced to the idea of memorizing the entire Gospel of Mark in 2014 when I attended the Marcy Preaching Fellowship at Candler School of Theology. That little preaching course gave me a brand new love for the shortest of the gospels. I reckon if I take 2 verses a day, I can fir it in to the year. I am also very, very aware that this one will become particularly time consuming as the year goes on and rounds to an end. Nevertheless, the older I get the harder it will be to memorize things, so this is the time to give it a go.

2. The Tonne Run/Walk

Again, inspired by my best mate, who did this a few years ago, I want to achieve this one and believe it to be possible. Three miles a day will cover the 1000 miles in 334 days, leaving me roughly a months worth of days to rest somewhere in it all. It is achievable. It will not be enjoyable. Exercise that doesn’t come in the form of team sport is not my first love at all. This challenged will also push me to my limits, and likely well beyond them too, but that is no bad thing. Again, the older I get, the harder it will become to do this type of thing, so now is the time. I will be running and walking because I do not believe I would have what it takes to run 3 miles every day, but you never know. I might surprise myself…

3. 40lbs off to mark 40 years of life.

I have always been a large fellow, and have always carried extra weight. When in college/seminary I managed to shift a large amount of weight, some of which I have put back on. It’s time to put the effort in and lose it again (and some more). I can do this one. If I am exercising daily, I know I will shift pounds quickly in the first couple of months of the year, and I know that if I keep it going, the rest can follow. As always, my eating will be the enemy of this challenge, as will my enjoyment of wine, but with a little discipline and devotion to this challenge, I think I can do it. We’ll see.

4. A Saving Challenge

This one has done the rounds on social media in the last couple of days. I saw it and thought it would work for me. The idea is simple: each week I save the dollar amount for the week of the year I am in ($1 in week one of 2018, $2 in week two of 2018, and so on) Over the year, this will represent savings of just under $1380 over the year. Again, this will put some pressure on as the year goes on, but I know it can be done – and it will definitely make Christmas 2018 a little easier for sure!!

So there we have it – Four Challenges for the Year I Turn Forty. Who knows if I’ll make it…

But I’ll be trying for sure.

Thanks for reading.


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