Four for Forty

Just an update for my own accountability on the third day of the year long challenges I have set myself for the coming year.

The biggies that need daily attention are the challenges to memorize the gospel of Mark, and the challenge to cover 1000 miles (walking and running) over the calendar year.

In terms of memorizing the gospel of Mark, three days in my schedule would have me having the first 6 verses committed to memory. I have succeeded in that target and was able to recite the verses to my buddy, Stephen, today.

The 1000 miles requires me to move at least three miles every day. Three days in, I have covered 11.4 miles, which is well on target so far. The best advice I received going into this is from my two good friends back home – to be willing to “bank” extra miles over and above the three per day – to help cover the days in the coming year when ‘life’ will happen and I will not be able to get out for a walk or a run.

The other two challenges are the 40lbs of weight loss and the savings challenge.

I will not be able to report on the weight loss challenged until I weigh in again on January 13th. I am hopeful that will good eating and daily movement I will have dropped a few pounds from the weight I started at on January 1st.

The Savings Challenge is easy at this part of the year. in week on, I have to save $1. That is done.

I will use the blog as my place to update on a regular basis. If you are interested, please give the blog a follow so you can get the email updates as I write them.

Thanks for reading and supporting.


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