Four For Forty – Week Two Update

This is just an update on how the #fourforforty challenge is going for me. For those of you unfamiliar with what the challenge is, you can catch yourself up here.

It is now two weeks into the challenge – two weeks that have been spent in Washington D.C attending classes for my degree. Those weeks have been helpful in that I did a lot of walking and covered a lot of miles towards my 1000 mile movement challenge. The bad news is that it is always a time filled with rich food too – which doesn’t really help the weight loss aspect of my challenge.

So here are the numbers so far.

Miles covered through Saturday 13th January = 52.8 miles
Verses committed to memory from Mark’s Gospel: Mark 1:1-28
Weight lost: 8lbs (don’t get excited – the early pounds ALWAYS fall off me quickly when I start to do the right things)
Dollars saved: $3

So…all is on target. The Gospel memorization is going to be the toughest aspect of these challenges, and it will be the one that requires the most focus for sure. I am still up for it though!

So there you go…another report to come next week 🙂

Peace out!


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